hand washing basketball jersey

Our newer uniforms utilize a different kind of printing.  We now have sublimated uniforms as opposed to the traditional screen printed uniforms.  Please see below for instructions to properly care for these uniforms. Thank you for helping us care for these to extend the life of this equipment for as long as possible.


Dye Sublimated Uniform Care Instructions

1. Please remember that sublimated garments may be subject to dye migration due to the following reasons:

a. From sitting wet for a prolonged period of time.

b. Prevent from sitting wet in a pile, on a bench, or in a bag after use--Hang until being laundered


2. Prevent from sitting wet in a washer of water or in the bottom of a washer.


3. From exposure to heat over 220 degrees F.

Do NOT PLACE IN DRYER – hang dry on a plastic hanger Washing Instructions:

Do NOT use chlorine bleach

Do NOT use color-safe bleach

Do NOT soak! Use MILD laundry detergent and wash in COLD water only. Remove from washer immediately.

Do NOT place in dryer. Hang dry on plastic hanger.

Do NOT wash with garments containing buttons, zippers, velcro, or heavy fabrics.