#Mask up Michigan

Peck Elementary Parents-

Beginning Monday, October 19th all students in grades K-5 will be required to wear masks in the classroom during the regular school day.  This is due to an emergency order by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services that was issued on October 9th.  We have received clarification from our attorneys and the other professional agencies that service our district and our school district must move forward with this requirement in place.

We understand that this will be a change for our elementary students and staff.  We will work to provide frequent opportunities for "mask breaks" as well as other innovative and flexible techniques to maintain a positive learning environment.  This order is in effect until at least October 30th, and I am sure that more changes will becoming in the future.  Our school and community have done such a wonderful job to this point in the school year, I am sure we can continue even with these new requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please feel free to call either the Superintendent's Office or the Elementary Office during business hours to discuss. We will work tirelessly to accommodate our families' needs to the best of our ability. Thank you for doing your part during this stressful time.

Bill Kerr